May 20-21, 2015 • Location on Campus - Rhatigan Student Center • Wichita State University • Wichita, KS 67260

Conference on Higher Education Computing in Kansas


Kenneth E. Russell, PhD

Executive Director, Applied Technology Acceleration Institute (ATAI)
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Twitter: @DrKenRussell

Executive Director, Applied Technology Acceleration Institute (ATAI)


Dr. Kenneth E. Russell is focused on transforming the ATAI into an Institute with leading edge approaches and methods designed to increase industry partnerships and complement/accelerate the impact of technology/technology consumption at the new Innovation Campus at Wichita State University. In addition, he represents Wichita State University as a senior technology and organization leader and works to build executive level relationships, particularly in the areas of Enterprise Strategy, Intellectual Capital and Epi-Data Insight.

His experience includes developing and implementing enterprise programs (Enterprise Strategy, Organizational Leadership, Change Management, Enterprise Architecture, Bioinformatics), and forging necessary relationships with Legal, IT, Senior Leadership, and Lines of Business to ensure necessary commitments for success. Dr. Russell leads with a combination of technology expertise, organizational acumen, and a keen understanding of the importance of precise communication and practical governance. He leverages coaching and mentoring to assist with behavior and culture change efforts (including organization architecture, situational leadership, leader vs. manager, and communication skills coaching).

The new Applied Technology Acceleration Institute (ATAI) will continue to build upon existing work and industry partnerships while working to increase capabilities, incentives, and opportunities for partners, industry, faculty, and student workers. Several foundational Centers of Innovation have been created to lead the way in the areas of: Technology Consumption, Social Knowledge, Dynamic Data, and Commercialization.

Prior to WSU, Dr. Russell led the Intellectual Capital Transformation effort at Cisco, where he and his team received the 2014 Forrester Groundswell award for most innovative service of the year. He was Chief Information Officer for the David H. Murdock Research Institute (DHMRI) in Kannapolis, North Carolina where he provided executive leadership to drive delivery and execution of the technology requirements for developing and implementing a green-field life sciences research facility. His experience also includes several years as director of IT Strategy & Consulting with Duke Energy, leader of the Enterprise Architecture program at Bank of America, as well as technology and strategy engagements with Fortune 500 organizations (including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail), academic institutions, non-profits, and innovative startup companies. Specific areas of value include:

  • American Express (Enterprise Architecture, Organizational Consulting, Assessment & Certification)
  • Bank of America (Enterprise Architecture, Organizational Leadership, Coaching, Governance, Compliance)
  • Duke Energy ( Organizational Leadership, Coaching, Governance, Compliance)

Dr. Russell has a BA in English, and MS and PhD degrees in Education and Organizational Leadership. Ken is from Charlotte, North Carolina and lives in Wichita with his wife Ann. They have two children, Christian and Alison. He serves on the Board of Advisors for the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, is a former chairman of the Advisory Board for the UNC-Charlotte Bioinformatics Research Center, and is a member of the Board of Trustees for Pfeiffer University. He is also a member of the Cyber Security Advisory Council for the College of STEM at JC Smith University. His research has explored the impact successful leaders have on their organizations and how a leader's individual style can impact an organization's transparency.