May 20-21, 2015 • Location on Campus - Rhatigan Student Center • Wichita State University • Wichita, KS 67260

Conference on Higher Education Computing in Kansas


Jesse Kaufman & Aaron Carver
University of Kansas

(Almost) 100% Enterprise Workstation Management

An overview and comparison of Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager and JAMF’s Casper Suite. Will touch on off-campus management, role based access, operating system deployment, patch compliance, software delivery, and reporting. Will discuss KU IT’s approach to workstation standardization, Active Directory standardization, and staff centralization.

Blaine Linehan
Wichita State University

A PCI Journey with Wichita State University

Walk with us as we go through our journey of trying to become fully PCI-compliant. Let us share our experience with you and find out where we started and what we had to do along the way. Find out what we did with our network, and our environment, and what kind of support we needed from across our university to get where we are now.

Mark Arrasmith
Wichita State University

Affordable Computing

With the emergence of Android the availability of SoC (System on Chip) hardware has grown and prices have dropped. They can provide mutli-core CPUs and GPUs and cost as little as $25. Combined with freely available operating systems you have access to virtualization, computational research, education, and programming. This talk will cover the current array of hardware, operating systems, and possible office, classroom, lab, and home uses.

Angela Neria & Barbara Herbert
Pittsburg State University

Build it, and they will come. Building campus buy-in during the selection process of a new ERP.

Why would campus input for a new ERP be important? After all, we are IT. We can assess client needs, procure the ERP, install it, and let campus run with it. Clients don’t really know what they need…right? The truth is…they do. Learn how Pittsburg State University created campus buy-in through a highly collaborative and very transparent ERP selection process. Stakeholder input, data-driven decision making, and effective communication plans have been key to the success of the ERP selection process and most importantly, campus acceptance

John Kuefler
Pittsburg State University

Creating a Multi-Platform University Mobile App the Easy Way

Native cross platform mobile application development presents many inherent challenges. Where do you start? What development environments do you use? There are tools available to make native cross platform development a simple, pain free process. Learn how PSU leveraged the Xamarin framework for the creation of a native mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8.1 for the university in only a few short months using C# .NET and a single code base.

Rob Gibson, Emporia State University
Becky North, Wichita State University

Do you have a Technology Fair on Your Campus?

How does your campus showcase technology available to faculty, staff, students and the community? Learn more about annual technology fairs at Emporia State and Wichita State where their campus communities discover the many ways technology is used both today and tomorrow. It’s all about collaboration and learning.

Greg Grammon
Fort Hays State University

FOG: An open source enterprise systems deployment solution

Fort Hays State University has been experiencing some significant growth, and it was becoming apparent that the way we deployed computers did not scale to the numbers we were taking on. Our desire to find a better way to deploy computers led us to discover FOG. We began testing FOG in January, I joined the FOG development team in March, and we put FOG into use in April. This presentation is about how it has worked out for us, and how it may work for you.

Robert Dewhirst
University of Kansas

How to not suck at managing IT teams

Many IT managers attain their positions through high performance in technical roles that do not demand strong people or process skills. Frequently, we then provide them with solely procedural and policy training and then expect them to magically not suck at managing people. This session will provide practical tips for both seasoned team leaders and manager wannabes to help you not only not suck, but even grow into a manager recognized for leading and cultivating a team of helpful, sought-after experts.

Chuck LaPointe, Mason Powell, Kerrin Burke, Edward DeLatorre
University of Kansas

Information Technology and Outreach Planning

KUIT Client Consulting will review successful practices for engaging students, faculty and staff through a comprehensive outreach program. We will present an overview of how our group came to be as well as demonstrate the success of the processes used to assist and inform the campus community of the services offered and supported by our IT department.

Cathy Rodriguez
Kansas State University

Lighting a fire under your IT support systems by adding the social networking tool Yammer

IT workers face many challenges today ranging from managing projects to keeping technical staff abreast of the latest technology changes to training and communicating with end-users. Join this session to see how the social networking tool, Yammer, can be used to enhance the support systems you already have in place.

Jarrod Hipps
Wichita State University

Managing Desktops with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

How are your Desktop Support/Client Services team managing deployment of software and operating systems? How much time is spent updating or patching images for deployment, installing new software packages to labs, or re-configuring client machines after re-imaging? Wichita State's Desktop Support team has improved response time, and decreased invested technician time in deployments and maintenance by incorporating Microsoft Deployment Toolkit into our Windows Deployment Services platform. This session will explore the tools and techniques that we use at Wichita State to manage and deploy our repository of applications and operating systems quickly and efficiently, as well as some resources for getting you started.

Debbie Winter & Rob Phillips
Wichita State University

Printing Politics & PaperCut – Road to a single pay-for-print solution

Wichita State University has just completed the deployment of PaperCut across three campuses. The PaperCut system is being used by over 16,000 WSU students and guests. This session will share information about the deployment plan, technical configuration and lessons learned from this deployment.

Grady Landrum
Wichita State University

Read & Write Literacy Software

Literacy is an essential skill needed by all college students. For many this skill is very frustrating but Read and Write can help transform your writing, reading, organizing, and planning skills as you learn to use this program. The nice thing about this software is that it is compatible with PC and MAC computers, and Android and iPad tablets. Every module comes with a video tutorial for quick easy reference or reminders of the way the program functions. Join us for a quick look at this program and how it works. Q&A time provided.

Barbara Herbert
Pittsburg State University

Ready to Start the Project - Now What Do We Do?

Pittsburg State University uses project management methodology to manage IT projects. At PSU we have developed a high-level template for project plans. For most projects our Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) contains sections for development, internal testing, client testing, modifications, documentation, rolling out to client support and project closeout. Whether you use project management or not, come learn how to organize and track projects so you don’t drop the ball on an essential component.

Floyd Davenport & Jeff Stiles
Washburn University

Using Office 365 SharePoint for Internal Workflows

This last year, Washburn University has transitioned our annual budget request process as well as a report request process from paper to electronic submission using Office 365 SharePoint. We will share lessons learned and demonstrate the submission process as well as discuss managing access and simple workflows (notifications). We may also be able to demonstrate a data dictionary implemented in SharePoint.

Joe Ascensio
University of Kansas

Using Video Conference/ Lecture Capture in Your Classroom

Are you recording your lectures? You should be! We will explore several options (some FREE) to record lectures which can then be embedded in your online class - Learning Management System (LMS). Instant flipped classroom! Each tool will be presented and then demonstrated live. You can start recording your lectures immediately after this session!

Jackie Ruder
Fort Hays State University

UX Prototyping and Rapid Application Design

Over the last decade, interactive user experience and interface design for web and mobile applications have risen in importance and expectation. This demand for intuitive usability in conjunction with features and functionality have become an integral part of application development. Join us for a discussion and demonstration of the collaborative UX design facilitated by Balsamiq Studios’ myBalsamiq, and learn how Fort Hays State University leverages this useful tool for rapid application design and rich user experience.

Robin Lemons & Becky Qualls
Pittsburg State University

Visualizing your success: Using process modeling to get the right tools, refine your workflow, and create succession plans

While beginning the process of searching for a new ERP, the PSU Office of Information Services realized the need to have clear cut processes documented to ensure the new software had the capability to meet our needs. While working across departments we also found these processes were valuable for succession as well as re-evaluation and refinement. This session demonstrates the tool we used and tips, tricks, and lessons learned during this process.